Foredrag om Kurt Gödel på KU 14/11 og på AU 15/11

DMF afholder foredrag i samarbejde med Videnskabshistorisk Selskab og Centre for Science Studies i både København og Aarhus med Jan von Plato (University of Helsinki)

Det er os en glæde at annoncere, at vi i samarbejde med Videnskabshistorisk Selskab og Centre for Science Studies afholder to foredrag med Jan von Plato (University of Helsinki) om Gödels bidrag til logik og matematikkens grundlag. Titlen på foredraget er “Gödel’s achievement in logic and foundations in the light of his shorthand notes”.

Jan von Plato skriver i sit abstract:

»Kurt Gödel (1906–1978) ceased to publish new results on logic and foundations of mathematics in 1939, but he left behind literally thousands of pages of notes on the topic, written in an archaic German shorthand. The systematic study of these notes began in 2017 and has revealed two things: First, how Gödel became a logician and how he found his famous completeness and incompleteness theorems and other published results. Secondly, there is a whole book-length very clearly written summary of results he considered finished, the “Resultate Grundlagen” of 1940–42, most of it new results on set theory and intuitionistic logic. This study has been conducted within the ERC Advanced Grant project GODELIANA based at the University of Helsinki. Planned further work on the Gödel notebooks concern his 16 “Arbeitshefte,” the central aim of which was to solve Hilbert’s first and second problem, the continuum hypothesis and the consistency of analysis. These notebooks of some 1200 pages altogether contain, among others, a system of constructive analysis based on Brouwer’s notion of choice sequences, a theory of computable functionals of higher type, and a proof of the independence of the axiom of choice that uses an intensional topological model of type theory.«

Hvor og hvornår

Foredraget på Københavns Universitet afholdes 14. november 2023 kl 17 i Auditorium 5 på H. C. Ørstedsinstituttet, Universitetsparken 5. Der vil kl 16:30 være kaffe, frugt og kage i Institut for Matematiks frokoststue, lokale 04.4.19 i samme bygning.

Dagen efter, den 15. november 2023, på Aarhus Universitet kl 14:15 i Auditorium D1 på Institut for Matematik, Ny Munkegade 118, afholdes foredraget endnu engang. Igen vil der forud for foredraget være kaffe, frugt og kage.

Alle – medlemmer som ikke-medlemmer af de to foreninger – er velkomne.